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      August, 16 2018 - Jennifer D
Certified Review
I came in for to remove a few inches and much more taken off. Not only is it much too short, it is not cut well so it is hard to style. I am very upset. I got the haircut for an up and coming trip but now I will be wearing hats.
Services received :
  • Womens Haircut W/ Blow Dry with Christy
  • Stress Relieving Treatment & Shampoo with Alex
      August, 15 2018 - Seana
Certified Review
Casa Verde is one of my favorite local businesses in Albuquerque. I always look forward to my visits. The staff are always friendly and happy to see me. They are also helpful. I have a favorite stylist, who works very hard to make sure I am happy with the service before I leave. But I have found just about every stylist there is excellent.
There is nothing negative.
Services received :
  • Underarm Wax with Diane
  • Pick Two Facial Waxing with Diane
      August, 14 2018 - Hollie
Certified Review
Love, love, love Dena. She does amazing color!
Services received :
  • 1/2 Panel Div AB (20g + catalyst) with Dena
  • 15 Min shampoo/Finish with Dena
  • Color Tone - Medium (40g + catalyst) with Dena
      August, 12 2018 - Usha
Certified Review
Great service friendly people Elena and Madison are simply superb!
Services received :
  • Color Balance/Glossing - Short (55g + catalyst) with Madison
  • 15 Min shampoo/Finish with Madison
  • Whc With Color (30 min) with Madison
      August, 09 2018 - Frankie
Certified Review
Angela is terrific! I'm sorry that I'm moving away!
Services received :
  • Womens Haircut W/ Blow Dry with Angie
      August, 09 2018 - elizabeth
Certified Review
My sister and I went to the spa with vouchers we already paid for that was supposed to cover highlights, and well as shine. Not only did they charge us full amount they didnt not explain how much the highlights were originally supposed to be. We were charged 80 for the highlights including 60 for the vouchers. The employees that worked there were rude, completely ignored and pretended that the people that they were not serving were not there. It was my first time as well as my sisters at this spa, and we will both never be going back. I do however would like to say that the front desk receptionist was very kind, she was very sweet and offered her services as soon as we walked into the spa.
Services received :
  • Refresh Color Gloss with Christy
  • 15 Min shampoo/Finish with Christy
      August, 07 2018 - Sarah
Certified Review
I had an awesome haircut today at Casa Verde Spa, starting with a head & neck massage. I was also shown how to style my hair on my own afterwards and what products and what brushes to use to get my hair looking like it was done at the salon. I would recommend this salon to all, men and women.
Services received :
  • Model Haircuts with Brianna
      July, 28 2018 - Jolene
Certified Review
This was my first visit and it was perfect. They were able to get me in last minute and my stylist Diane was spectacular! I live in Santa Fe, but plan on coming to Casa Verde for my future cuts.
Services received :
  • Womens Haircut W/ Blow Dry with Diane
      July, 26 2018 - Karen
Certified Review
I love Casa Verde...I adore Diane!! I have been her client for probably close to 10 years now an won't go to anyone else as long as she's there!!
Services received :
  • Womens Haircut W/ Blow Dry with Diane
      July, 26 2018 - Helen
Certified Review
I’m always on time for appointment but wait 10 minutes for tech . Tinting in eyebrow does not last very long not sure if I will be going back .
Services received :
  • Eyebrow Tinting with Dena
  • Eyebrow Wax with Dena

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